Patient Forums & Support

Helping you to connect, find support and self-manage

Patient forums and support services are an opportunity for you to access support, information about self-management, and meet with and speak to like minded people in the area. The list of patient groups below is not exhaustive, but we hope it will provide a starting point to some of the local organisations who provide meetings or forums for discussion, information sharing and befriending.

Angus Adult Bereaved by Suicide Service

The Angus Adult Bereaved by Suicide Service is available to any adult living in Angus who has been impacted through by being bereaved by suicide and is provided by Insight Counselling.

The service offers adult one-to-one or adult family support to adults who have been impacted by being bereaved by suicide. It recognises that everyone's experience is unique and needs vary from person to person and as such offers support, counselling and signposting based on individual need.

Anyone living in Angus can make a referral by contacting: Insight Counselling, Number Ten, 10 Constitution Road, Dundee, DD1 1LL. Telephone 01382 305706 or email Website: This is a Monday to Friday service.

Angus Arthritis Forum

The Angus Arthritis Forum is for adults affected by any type of arthritis. Events feature a relevant talk by a health care or other professional and a chance to ask questions and socialise with others over a cuppie. No need to book, no charge, and patients can bring a friend or family member for support.

This forum rotates around Angus localities, with 4 meetings per year.

Angus Carers

Angus Carers provide information and support to enable carers to feel valued and confident in their caring situation. Regular events run in the local area. For details, please see the Angus Carers website.

If you are a carer, please complete our carers self-referral form.

Other help for Carers

If you look after someone, need care yourself or are planning for your future care needs, you can get the information and advice you need from Care Information Scotland. If you prefer, you can phone 0800 011 3200 or use the chat feature on their website. The social care and support guide from has comprehensive information about help and support.

Angus Diabetes Forum

Angus Diabetes Forum is for adults affected by Type 2 diabetes. A relevant talk by a health care or other professional and a chance to ask questions and socialise with others over a cuppie. No need to book, no charge, and patients can bring a friend or family member for support.

Patients may attend any forum that suits them, not just the one in their own locality.

Angus Suicide Prevention and Support Service

The Angus Suicide Prevention and Support Service is provided by Penumbra and is available to all adults living in Angus who experience thoughts of suicide or who may have attempted suicide. Support is also available for family members, carers or friends of adults experiencing suicidal thoughts. The service is designed to offer assessment of individual need, provide support and interventions that promote safety, wellbeing and recovery. Information, guidance and signposting regarding suicide prevention will also be provided.

To access support please contact free phone 0800 135 7899 or email This is a Monday to Friday 9-5 service. You can read more about the service on the Penumbra website.

Chronic Pain Self Management

Chronic Pain Self Management Courses, for adults living with persistent pain, are run by Pain Association Scotland. Further information is available on the Pain Association website at, where there are details of courses along with resources such as videos and relaxation recordings. They also have a helpful brochure about the work they deliver, the group meetings, how the groups help and how people can benefit from attending the groups. The brochure also covers some of the topics from the group meetings and important ideas in pain management.

Other options for Chronic Pain

For patients who are unable to attend the 5 week pain course, there is the option of an online programme called Pathway Through Pain, which guides them through a set of pain management techniques that help reduce the impact of pain on daily life. Patients can follow this course at their own pace in their own time. Patients are referred for this course by providing their name and a contact telephone number to

Fatigue Self Management Course

Fatigue Self Management Courses are for adults living with persistent fatigue. Courses, which are delivered by a multi-disciplinary team over a 4 week period, run throughout the year, rotating localities in Angus. Places must be booked in advance on these courses. Contact

Online Self Management course for any Long Term Condition

This online course supports adults to develop the tools, techniques and confidence to better manage their condition on a daily basis. A 6 week internet based course run by Self Management UK, with participants logging on at times to suit them, for a total of 2 hours per week. Patients are referred for this course - ask your doctor to send your name and a contact telephone number to

Diary Dates

Some groups and course sessions are running online.

Angus Diabetes Forum: free information meetings open to Angus residents living with Type 2 diabetes and are held in Arbroath, Forfar and Montrose. Information on dates is available on or contact Rhona Guild on 01307 474889 (Email:

Chronic Pain Self Management Course: The 5 week self management course, delivered by Pain Association Scotland, is running online. You can sign up online at or discuss participation with your GP and they will refer you.

Pain Association Scotland - Forfar Group: Fridays, 2-4pm. Please check their website, social media, email or phone 0800 783 6059 for information.

Further Information

If you would like further information about any of these self management options, please contact the Primary Care Development Team on 01307 474889 or email

If patients would like to receive direct email updates regarding forum topics and dates, please email and request to join the mailing list.

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