Leaflets & Forms

Useful leaflets and forms, all on one page


The index of patient information leaflets and forms is arranged alphabetically by title and subject. Some are published by by Academy Medical Centre and attached personnel; others are from external bodies.


address details, updates to
antenatal care
     Newly pregnant? Your electronic maternity record
     pregnancy self-referral to NHS Tayside
anxiety, treatment options - see mental health
appointment reminders
appointments via video call
asthma annual review questionnaire
Attend Anywhere appointments
aural care clinic


bereavement - see 'good life, good death, good grief' website
blind person guide support service (My Guide)
blood glucose test instructional video


carers self-referral form
clinical records
     access to medical records
     form for obtaining access to/copies of
     third party consent form
comments form
contact details, updates to
complaints handling procedure
contact details update form
coronavirus isolation and your wellbeing at home
coronavirus isolation note
cryotherapy (skin clinic)


death, dying and bereavement - see 'good life, good death, good grief' website
depression, treatment options - see mental health
diabetes: blood glucose test instructional video


ear wax
     aural care clinic
     self-treatment of ear wax
ECS mental health and wellbeing hub
enablement and response team


falls: how to prevent them and what to do if you need help
falls prevention: six exercises for strength and balance
feedback form
flying, fear of


GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations)
grief - see 'good life, good death, good grief' website
guide support service (My Guide)


healthcare team
hearing aid maintenance
hearing assessment self referral (see also ear wax)
home, keeping well at


isolation and wellbeing at home
isolation notes for coronavirus


jury duty exemption application


Key Information Summary (KIS) consent form


LGBT dementia toolkit (for health and social care providers)
LGBT+ health and wellbeing
lungs, phlegm in


medical records
     access to medical records
     form for obtaining access to/copies of
     electronic maternity record
     third party consent form
mental health
     mental health and wellbeing ECS hub
     support in Angus
     treatment options
minor illnesses - see pharmacy first
mobile phone reminders
My Guide service


newsletter sign-up
notes, obtaining copies of
nurse practitioner service
nursing team


online patient services registration form
open access x-ray
organ donor registration form


Pain Service (Tayside), impact of coronavirus on
partially sighted guide support service (My Guide)
patient participation group
patient participation group sign up form
patient services registration form
patient support advisor
patient's rights and responsibilities
personal details, updates to
pharmacy first
phlegm in lungs
phone reminders
photocopies of notes form
podiatry self-referral form
power of attorney
     a guide to power of attorney in Scotland
     'my power of attorney' website
     what is power of attorney?
PPG see patient participation group
     Newly pregnant? Your electronic maternity record
     pregnancy self-referral to NHS Tayside
prescriber, social
private referral form
psychological support
     in Angus
     quick quide to options


referral to private providers form
reminders, of appointments
repeat prescription order form - see online patient services


     carers form: online version or print version
     hearing assessment form (see also ear wax)
     mental health and wellbeing ECS hub form (see also mental health)
     podiatry form
     pregnancy self-referral to NHS Tayside
sickness self certification form (SSP form)
sighted guiding support service (My Guide)
skin clinic (cryotherapy)
social prescriber
statutory sick pay (SSP) form
substance use treatment options - see mental health


Tayside Pain Service, impact of coronavirus on
third party consent form


verrucae and warts
video call, appointments via
visually impaired guide support service (My Guide)


warts and verrucae
website leaflet
wellbeing at home
     mental health and wellbeing ECS hub
     wellbeing support in Angus


x-ray, open access

Health Advice: NHS Inform

NHS Inform is Scotland's national health information service.

It aims to provide people in Scotland with accurate and relevant information to help them make informed decisions about their own health and the health of the people they care for.

If you have questions about your health, visit www.nhsinform.scot or call 0800 22 44 88.

They can provide general health information, including advice on tests, treatments, illnesses, injuries, healthy living, support and health rights.

NHS Inform

Information Point

Visit our Patient Participation Group Health Information Point where our trained volunteer advisers can provide leaflets and information on request.

If you prefer, feel free to browse our leaflet racks or request information to be sent to you by completing an "Information Request Card" and passing it to reception.

Find out more about the Information Point.

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