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Angus Mental Health Peer Workers service

Posted: 18 September 2020 · Practice news

The Angus Mental Health Peer Workers service is a new service from Hillcrest Futures to provide peer support to people with their mental health and wellbeing.

Peer Support is defined as: "the help and support that people with lived experience of poor mental health and wellbeing can provide for others struggling to manage their mental health and wellbeing, built on shared personal experience and empathy".

Peer support can be social, emotional or practical support. Peer support focuses on an individual’s strengths and works towards the individual’s wellbeing and recovery. Peer supporters can offer a safe space for people to discuss their own mental health and wellbeing as well as provide strategies and tools to support others to manage their mental health and wellbeing.

Appointments can be made via Reception or by emailing

Further Information

There are many services offering support in Angus. This leaflet describes some of those that are available:

You can also find information and advice about mental health and wellbeing on Angus Health and Social Care Partnership's website.

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