Travel advice & vaccinations

Information about vaccines and EHIC

Travel Advice & Vaccinations

If you have plans to travel abroad for work or your holiday it is always good to be prepared well in advance. This is especially important if you might need vaccinations, which can sometimes take up to 8 weeks to complete the course. We advise you to start planning to protect your health whilst on holiday 12 weeks in advance of your trip whenever possible.

As from 1 April 2022 Travel Vaccination service has now been removed from GP practice and will now be done by the Vaccination Service.

Patients who are travelling abroad and require vaccinations should first check the website FitForTravel for recommendations, and then contact the Vaccination Service either by email on or by phone on 01382 423108 who will advise patients of the next steps.

If patients require a note of their previous vaccinations, they can contact the practice for this information.

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